Sick and the City – The End

7 Apr

So for me, New York presented many firsts.

It was my first time in what is now my second favourite city in the world (nothing can and ever will beat London).

It was the first and last time hubby and I will go to New York without a baby in tow.

It was my first time saying, “I have morning sickness” and receiving free toast at 5.30am from the hotel kitchen (a good tip if you’re female and skint).

It was the first time I ate all day every day and didn’t worry about being fat (well, only a little bit).

It was my first time I had to leave a shop because a) it was horrendously busy and I couldn’t cope and b) I was too tired to rummage for bargains. This never, I repeat NEVER happens to me, but then I’d never been to Century 21. Not an experience I ever want to repeat.  It was bit like I imagine Next to be at 5am on Boxing day.

It was the first time a waitress had become my drug dealer.

It was the first time I told one of my best friends I was pregnant. A little early, but I had no choice. When I told him I wasn’t drinking he thought I was terminally ill.

It was the first time I’d been to a gay bar pregnant. It was also the first time I was sat on a chair in said gay bar pointing out all the hot men that my gay friend should go and chat up. Sober or not nothing changes when it comes to my matchmaking skills. I was a pregnant pimp. Another first.

It was the first time that as the clock strikes 12, I’m ready to go home, hang up my heels and leave the kids to play. And it’s the first time I don’t care. I have a date with toast at 5am, sights to see, cake to eat and shoes to buy. Clothes may not fit me in a few months, but shoes will remain ever faithful.

So, five days of many firsts. But the best of all? It was the first time I had ever travelled anywhere pregnant and it felt great. Wonderful. I’m also pretty sure I’ll never go anywhere again where I can remember every single detail. No hangovers, no memory loss, and no morning after fears that I’ve done or said something I shouldn’t have. Maybe there’s something in this teetotal malarkey after all? Just don’t tell Mr Sauvignon I said so.


2 Responses to “Sick and the City – The End”

  1. Joel Todd April 26, 2012 at 10:56 pm #

    I will never forget the attention you received in the Italian restaurant when you JUST WANTED SOME PAINKILLERS. Only in New York.

    • mum-to-be April 27, 2012 at 9:12 am #

      Such a funny night. Best waiter ever

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