We have some news…

11 May

Telling people you’re pregnant is one of the best things ever.  I’ve loved watching each and every one of our friend’s and family’s reactions as I tell them our news. I say ‘I’ as most of the time it has been me. Hubby, bless him, thinks it’s more ‘my news’ to tell and apart from his close friends has sat with me on the occasions we have told people together, kicking my leg under the table, big grin on his face, with eyes as wide as saucers ferociously nodding his head (the universal sign for ‘go on then, tell them’!) urging me to tell people the minute we sit down. I didn’t think it was possible, but I truly believe he is more excited than I am.

Where possible I’ve wanted to tell people face to face. This is predominantly because I want to see their reaction, but also I’ve realised it’s because I love gossip. And informing people you’re with child is like delivering the best secret ever.  It’s so much fun to see their faces as the cogs start turning and they slowly realised what it is you’re telling them.

For the most part hubby and I waited until after the 12 week to tell people, but there were a few who we just couldn’t wait to tell. I told my three closest girlfriends pretty quickly. This is something I just couldn’t keep from them. I told one of them the day I found out. In a toilet. Weirdly. The other two, I told pretty quickly after that. They were so excited for us. There was a lot of squealing and crying. And that was just hubby. One of them (who like’s gossip even more than I do) managed to keep it a secret for the whole 12 weeks. Bless her, I think she nearly exploded. 

When I thought about how I would tell people, I never thought about where I would tell them. Not that this has any significance on what you’re telling them, but for some reason I seemed to tell most people in either a) a toilet or b) Pizza Express. Oh the glamour. After best friend was informed rather hysterically in a WC, I went into work the next day and did the same with my work colleague in the office loos.  Perhaps it’s the only place I could think of that was private? But this doesn’t explain Pizza Express which gets pretty hectic with all the 2 for 1 voucher’s. Oh, I did deviate once. I went rogue and told a friend in Pret. His reaction? ‘I can’t believe you told me in a Pret’. Maybe location does matter after all. 

What I didn’t bank on was nearly revealing my news to some of nearest and dearest via Facebook. I promised hubby we would never have a Facebook baby. I couldn’t think of anything worse than putting a picture of my scan (which is essentially a picture of my womb) out there for the entire world to see.  But I got excited and carried away with my ‘anonymous’ blog. I thought I was being clever and subtly shared it via a friend’s page, but out of nowhere 400 of my closest ‘friends’ were congratulating me.

I immediately removed it and was then in a race against the clock to tell those closest to me in case they saw it online. I left many a panicked voicemail urging them to call me, not thinking they would call me back worried something was seriously wrong. I never realised the power of Facebook. Put something on there and it spreads like wildfire. She is basically biggest gossip out there. I have competition! And it wasn’t just me. One of my best friends also shared my blog. She subsequently had half of the TV industry applauding her on her forthcoming bundle of joy.

In the end I did get to tell those I know in the way that I wanted to and now everyone knows I’m pregnant. But if you haven’t seen me for a while, still don’t know I’m pregnant, and bump into me in a toilet or Pizza Express, chances are I’ll be telling you some baby news.  


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