Getting to the Root of it

16 May

Apparently during pregnancy your hair becomes amazingly lustrous and shiny and beautiful and thick. It’s meant to be something to do with the hormones and how the hair that normally falls out when you wash and brush, doesn’t anymore. I’m still waiting for this happen.

On the other hand, when you give birth hormones again play havoc. This time, the hair that didn’t fall out before now does. All of it. So I’m going to go bald. And I can 100% guarantee that this will happen to me.  According to one web site I can look forward to ‘thinning patches of hair over my scalp and an alarming receding hair line’. So, after going through pregnancy and giving birth, I’ll be feeding a small person from my breast and trying to get my head around my whole life changing whilst looking like my granddad. Great.

I was not born with good hair. My sister was. She got the great hair. When I look back at pictures all I see is my sister’s shiny dark locks. I, on the other hand, had wild hair. It was bushy, mousy and had a life of its own. Being an 80’s child I also loved it crimped – not great for the bush, but I did think it was the coolest thing ever. Well, I did until my step-dad pointed out I looked like the feral desert kid from the Mad Max films.

As I got older my obsession with trying and failing to achieve gorgeous hair didn’t stop. First off I discovered Sun-In – which I’m sure is one of the reasons my hair is in the state that it’s in today. Following one disaster with said product on a holiday to Newquay when I was 16, I came home looking like Grayson Perry. From there I went red, brown, long, short, I even had an undercut during my Goth phase. Oh please let my child have good hair.

So, today I dye it. Blonde. Albeit with a better quality dye and a qualified hairdresser. But, I’m pregnant and that has left me in a hair ‘dyelemma’. There seems to be a divide in opinion on whether you should dye your hair when preggers. I’m torn. I know women who have and I know women who haven’t. So I spoke to a few hairdressers about it, I consulted the internet and my baby books and they all said there is no scientific evidence to suggest its bad for baby. Also, having highlights means it doesn’t touch your scalp. So I’m sold. I’m going to do it.

Sitting in the hairdressers chair I get chatting to the hairdresser.

Me: (still panicking) So are you sure it’s ok to dye your hair when you’re pregnant?

Hairdresser: Yeah it’s fine. It don’t even touch your scalp. They say loads of stuff is bad for you when pregnant, but you’ve just gotta get on with it. You can’t stop everything.

Me: Luckily I gave up smoking 3 months before I got pregnant so at least I’m over that.

H: Oh I smoked when I was pregnant. But I was good, I promised myself I wouldn’t go over 5 day and I didn’t. Well, only occasionally, but mostly it was 5.

Me: (trying to hide shocked face) Err, ok, erm, well done? (trying to fill the awkward silence only I am clearly feeling) I’ve found it hard not having a drink. Did you drink much when you were pregnant? I’m not sure what to do. I read that after 12 weeks the odd glass of wine is ok?

H: Yeah, a bit. I went on holiday when I was about 5 months and had a few cocktails.

Me: Oh well, a few over the week’s ok isn’t it.  I’m sure I’ll have a few glasses of wine at some point.

H: Oh no, a few every night. I didn’t want to get too drunk.

I’m half expecting her to tell me she also eats pate covered in raw eggs every meal whilst petting baby lambs and snorting a line of coke. Suddenly I’m not so worried about getting my hair dyed. It’s not like I’m chuffing away on 35 Marlboro Reds a week and knocking back the Pina Colada’s every night. And anyway, I might as well make the most of having hair. Give it 7.5 months and I’ll be wearing a wig. Oooh I wonder if I can get a crimped one?

Me Aged 6

Me Aged 6

Me Aged 16 (doll not included)
Me Aged 16 (doll not included)


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