22 May

I’m really impatient. Like really. This means I started looking at buggies and prams when I was about 6 weeks pregnant. But I take no responsibility for this. I couldn’t help it. Because the minute I found out I was pregnant I saw them everywhere. I couldn’t leave the house without literally tripping over one. In shops, on the train, on the tube, on the bus, going up and down escalators and squashing into lifts. A trip to Ikea one Saturday morning left me with genuine fear that they were taking over the world, one Bugaboo at a time.

Obviously the reason I am seeing them in my sleep is because I will soon have to purchase one.  But where do you start? As far as I can tell there are about 40,000 options all with vastly different specs and ranging hugely in price. There are pushchairs, prams, car seats and 3 in 1 travel systems. Apparently they all connect to a chassis. Something I thought belonged in a car. In fact it is like buying a car. Only more complicated.

So far my research has consisted largely of staring at anyone that walks past me with a buggy. Well, not just staring, but head tilted, slowing down with notepad in hand as I try to catch a glimpse of what they’re pushing their darling child in. At the same time I’m usually nudging hubby in a not so quiet whisper to “see what make and model it is”. I’ve now noticed mothers gripping said buggy tighter as I do this, slowly steering away from me whilst giving me funny looks. I must stop this. I’m scaring people.

My other method has been to stalk any mothers I know on Facebook and look for pictures of them with their pushchairs. If you’re thinking of trying this don’t.  Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t have a zoom function and so you can’t read what the bloody logos are anyway. It’s very frustrating.

I realised this lack of zoom function after seeing one friend commenting on another friend’s Facebook picture about what a good pram choice she had made. Friend who was commenting had the same pram. It was like a red rag to a bull and I became obsessed with finding out what it was. Even hubby got involved. We spent about two hours searching through pram website after pram website until we both ended up suggesting we just carry baby in a sling.

In the end I got hubby to call husband of friend and drop into conversation that my sister and I were chatting about buggies (my sister is pregnant so it was a good excuse) and I said I’d ask friends what they had. It worked. 30 minutes later I had a full spreadsheet comparing about 8 different buggies. I’m very grateful to my equally organised and slightly obsessive friends.

Now researching is all well and good, but the only way you’re going to know what you like and don’t like is if you try them out. By the way, I do know this was quite early, but it’s my first baby and I’m excited. In town one day hubby and I are in John Lewis and suddenly find ourselves in the baby section. I say “find ourselves” I knew fully well that’s where we were headed. So we get to the buggy bit and both joke around as we try pushing a few around the shop. And then we both go quiet as the enormity of what we’re doing hits us. “We’re going to have a real baby in there” I say. “I know” says hubby. “Bit scary isn’t it”. And it is. It’s scary and overwhelming and exciting, but thankfully we still have lots of time to get our heads around the buggy situation. That’s why a baby takes 9 months. It’s to give you enough time to work out what pushchair to get.

As we leave the store contemplating a life with a child we head towards the lift. Unfortunately we can’t get in it because it’s jam packed full of buggies. 


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