Career Change

8 Aug

I hadn’t planned on getting pregnant quite as early or as quickly as I did. We had decided to be married for a while and enjoy a summer of spending all of our disposable income as we no longer had to save for a wedding. We thought we’d give ourselves a bit of time to get used to the idea of having a family.

What we hadn’t banked on was how broody we’d feel once we were married. So we decided to throw caution to the wind once, see what happened and guess what? I got knocked up the first time. I thought that only happened if you were sixteen.

Once I’d managed to get over the shock, excitement, fear, happiness and every other single emotion you feel when you find out, I started to think about what being pregnant would actually mean to my life and what would change.

One of the first things I thought about was my ‘career change’. And by ‘career change’ I mean leaving behind my job in publicity for nine months to take on the new and utterly terrifying role of ‘Mummy’.

There is nothing to prepare you for this role. No university degree, no training course and no work experience. For every other job I’d taken in my life I had been interviewed.  For the role of Mummy, no one is even checking my references.  I am very much ‘the apprentice’ in this situation and unfortunately I don’t think Lord Sugar will be investing a quarter of a mil in me at the end of it.

So not only am I taking on this new role for which I have no experience, I have to tell my current boss I am with child and then find someone else to do my job instead of me. If you think about it, it’s a pretty odd situation.

I was quite nervous telling my boss. I’m not sure why. I’m 33, female and had just got married – I don’t think it was a million miles from their minds. I think part of it is just because he’s male.

I waited until week 14 before I broke the news. I had already told the girl in my team – I actually told her the day after I found out as I simply couldn’t hold it in. Plus given we work opposite each other for nine hours a day, five days a week, I’m pretty sure she would have worked it out as I spent a most of the first trimester wretching into a plastic bag at my desk.

Going into my weekly meeting with my boss, I raced through work related issues before I said, “oh and there is something else I need to talk to you about”. At this point my boss who was currently walking around the room (he tends to spend a lot of our meetings either fidgeting or walking around) stopped next to me. I then started panicking as this was not how I imagined it. In my head we were at least face-to-face, sat on chairs. As I’m looking up at him and he’s looking down at me, I blurt out that, “I’m having a baby”. Phew, I said it. I think he’s just relieved that I haven’t said, “I’m leaving”.

Thankfully he sits down (so I no longer feel like I’m straining my neck whilst talking to a giant) and congratulates me. Then I go bright red. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because he now knows I have sex.

As we talked further and discussed practicalities, I was reminded again of the reality that I’m actually having a child. I’m having a baby and I’m leaving work and I’m about to embark on the most exciting career change of my life and I can’t bloody wait.


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