Ice, Ice, Baby

23 Aug

Aside from, “what are you having”, the most frequent question you’re likely to get asked when you’re pregnant is ‘have you had any weird cravings’? And the answer is sort of, kind of, maybe, I’m not sure.

As you can see pregnancy has not made me very decisive.

Generally I’m pretty aware of what I eat and tend to have a fairly healthy diet. I say fairly healthy in that I don’t gorge on McDonalds every day, but I do eat a lot of chocolate and crisps. I would say I eat what I want in moderation, but would probably not eat four slices of cake a day (although I have been known to do that on occasion). I also, until getting pregnant, had a rather serious diet coke addiction. I thought for a while I may need rehab. You can see what I mean by ‘fairly healthy’.

So, being pretty aware of what I eat, I was rather excited to know if I was going to get any cravings and what they might be.  A part of me was rather intrigued to find out what coal would taste like.

In the first trimester I would definitely say I didn’t crave anything. In fact I spent most of it feeling so nauseous I had no idea what I wanted or if I was even hungry. So I ended up eating pretty much whatever I could get my hands on. Mostly this was toast or chocolate. Toast because dry food seems to help sickness and chocolate because I’m pregnant and could. Some people think chocolate cravings are down to a calcium deficiency. I think it’s because I’m a pig.

In the second trimester things started to get a little strange. I’ll tell you for why.

I have two food hates. Coffee and coriander. They are both evil, disgusting things that should not come anywhere near my mouth. It baffles me that anyone would add coriander to anything. But they do, to everything. I was once served a prawn jacket potato in a pub, which garnished with the stuff. I mean really? Really? Coriander with prawns? I’m pretty sure big sweary Gordon wouldn’t approve of that.   

The difference between the evil C’s is that I actually would quite like to drink coffee. I love the idea of going for Starbucks and ordering a skinny cap. Putting chocolate sprinkles on tea just isn’t the same.

So imagine my surprise when I started to get the urge to drink coffee. It happened one Saturday morning when hubby was making his usual bucket of it and the smell was suddenly appealing. It completely threw me as I found myself asking him for a sip. He’s been trying to get me to drink it for years. He looked delighted.

I tasted it and it didn’t make me want to vomit. Hubby, utterly excited by this latest development in my taste buds (he thinks he has a more mature palate then me) suggests I try a cappuccino because the coffee he drinks is “really strong”. Clearly I am not ‘man enough’ for his manly coffee, but I agree (because it is really strong). So, out of nowhere, on a random Saturday morning I find myself drinking a homemade skinny cap. I am the definition of sophistication. 

This very quickly became my ‘new thing’ and after realising coffee also makes you go to the loo (a rarity for me) I was suddenly drinking one every morning.  But then I discovered Starbucks Frappucino’s and my life changed. Gone was the skinny cap and in its place was a medium, caramel light frap with no whip. I was in heaven.

However, craving is a fickle thing and in my world they don’t last long. Basically I had too many and fear I have now killed the frap forever. Well, maybe not forever, but the thought of one a day makes me gag a little.

So what was to come next? Would I, like a friend of mine start eating sponges? I kid you not, she had one a week.

A couple of weeks ago a new, full on, no messing about craving started. Ice. It came out of nowhere as I walked out of the office one day and bumped into a tourist eating a slush puppie. I almost jumped on her to ask where she got it from, but suddenly realised she may be terrified of the demonic preggers lady. So, I did what any normal person would do and I started to retrace her steps as I’d seen what direction she had come from. Perfectly normal behaviour.

It was worth the effort as I suddenly came across an ice cream van selling them and I was delighted. However, my glee was short lived as I was informed the machine wasn’t working. “What do you mean not working? But I need one!” They clearly felt very sorry for the pregnant lady as the kind man behind the counter took a cup, opened the machine at the top and scopped me out a slush puppie. Being pregnant sure has its advantages sometimes! And I’ve certainly paid them back – I’ve retuned every day to buy another one. They’re £3 each.

But it’s not just slush puppies, it’s pretty much anything ice related. Mr Freeze ice pops are amazing, as are Fab lollies. In fact, all this writing about it is too much to cope with. I need one. Now.  


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